die macht der bibeltreuen idioten


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40 % der amerikaner glauben tatsächlich, dass die erde erst 6.000 jahre alt ist. gott hat die welt und das gesamte leben, vom dinosaurier bis zum menschen, in sechs tagen aus lehmklumpen erschaffen. ihre behauptungen klingen abenteuerlich, denn sie nehmen … Weiterlesen

losers and suckers?

those who know nothing must believe everything. uneducated americans don’t know anything and therefore they believe in trump’s fabricated truths.

trump is sent by god? 🤣

Trump’s christian values: I think the hypocritical Trump has never seen the inside of a church. Trump has never read the holy bible. Trump doesn’t give a shit about the ten commandments, because he doesn’t even know them. Donald Trump is a dangerous devil!

Trump is sent by God? Why does God send an incompetent, narcissistic, lying, racist, misogynistic bully and asshole to the americans? Oh lord, stopp this idiots and please let rain brain (in bottles of glass).

first woman of colour on president ticket?

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris for vice president. Why? Kamala Harris makes Joe Biden stronger. She is now the first woman of colour on the way to president. Trump only became president because half of the americans cannot accept a colored president like Barack Obama. Can this couple stop Trump? Americans now have a choice!


will donald trump accept an election defeat? this loser only sees his victory, or an election fraud. Do Trump’s voters, the godly farmers, the churchgoers and the evangelicals accept when Trump loses? They all are armed! Never before have been sold so many weapons in the USA! It will be exciting.

holy shit by donald trump

the biblical donald trump, the hypocritical superpower usa and evangelicals are the most insane species. they worships an invisible god and destroys a visible nature, unaware that this nature they’re destroying is this god they’re worshiping.
donald trump’s success is directly linked to the stupidity of his admirers, followers and voters.