first woman of colour on president ticket?

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris for vice president. Why? Kamala Harris makes Joe Biden stronger. She is now the first woman of colour on the way to president. Trump only became president because half of the americans cannot accept a colored president like Barack Obama. Can this couple stop Trump? Americans now have a choice!

9 Gedanken zu „first woman of colour on president ticket?

  1. James Baldwin: If you’re Black AND NOT! Paranoid; SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YA!
    Kamala Harris is a good choice 👍 but Not great as many people are upset by her tenure as CA. AG. Feel bad 😞 about 1994 Crime Bill’s jailing of poor people. 3 Strikes provisions especially! Dems got them some MORE WORK TO DO!🙏🐕♒️😎

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