g20-gipfel und der ehrliche trump

„the donald“: der g20-gipfel ist nur ein imponiergehabe von alpha-tierchen!

5 Gedanken zu „g20-gipfel und der ehrliche trump

  1. When King Henry II made a remark about Archbishop Thomas A Becket, his courtiers went ahead and killed the churchman. As a result, the whole Island was excommunicated, and Henry II had to Kneel in the snow in front of the Vatican. Now, keeping to history, that Prince should have to kneel in the snow in front of the Washington Post building.

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    • trump: „of course, all my predecessors also covered torture and murder and violated human rights! but no one did that as open as me!
      so I am the most honest us-president of all time !!
      great !! fantastic !!“

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